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The name Prattco Excavating has become synonymous with quality, affordability, and prompt service in the excavation and demolition industry. That’s why so many property owners count on our contractors whenever a demolition company in Calgary is needed. Prattco Excavating’s demolition contractors take care of the entire demolition project, from the initial dismantling of walls and other structures to removing waste and debris once the job is completed.

Known for our commitment to maintaining your property’s aesthetic and adhering to the safest operation standards, Prattco can be counted on for professional demolition work for Calgary homeowners, businesses, and industrial facilities every time. We assist in pre and post-demolition services on small to large scale projects.

Pre Demolition Services

Before you begin your demolition, it is important to understand the scope of your project and plan ahead. Our knowledgeable team can help you understand what is required on your part such as permits, your environmental responsibility, and how to effectively manage costs. Together, we route the best plan to get your residential or commercial demolition in Calgary completed in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.

Waste Hauling Services Post-Demolition

When demolition is conducted, it creates a significant amount of waste and debris on the property. That’s why as part of our demolition in Calgary, Prattco Excavating includes waste hauling post-demolition. Our team makes sure building materials, metals, glass, crushed concrete, fallen debris, equipment, and any other waste are properly disposed of or recycled.

Given the impact demolition can make on the environment, Prattco Excavating also works to contain any possible contaminants or hazardous materials. Furthermore, we make sure that there is little disturbance to the surrounding property. Thanks to our extensive knowledge in the demolition industry we know how to handle any unexpected hazards.

Experience in Large & Small Demolition Projects

Not every demolition project is the same. Large and small (or partial) demolition jobs require their own unique approach. Where larger projects may be more complex with a stronger focus on removing debris and hazardous material, a smaller project, for example partial demolition of a house, would require a more precise demolition technique to ensure nearby structures and properties were untouched. Smaller projects might need to keep in mind adjacent structures, like a neighbour’s barn or parked vehicles on the street.

At Prattco Excavating, we are industry leaders in providing both large and small scale demolition services. Our demolition company in Calgary has numerous projects under our belts, including work in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Our wide range of equipment enables us to handle projects efficiently, safely, and on time.

See the Difference Our Capable Demolition Team Can Make

When you hire the demolition contractors at Prattco Excavating, you’re guaranteed professional service from a capable team. No matter how big or small the job; we apply the safest demolition techniques. Through careful planning and a strict monitoring process, we ensure your property is kept clear of hazards as well as work to maintain any original aesthetics. Talk to Prattco Excavating for all your demolition needs in Calgary.

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