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Since 1989, Prattco Excavating, a family-owned excavation company in Calgary, has stood on the frontlines of the city’s construction and development scene. We’ve worked hand in hand with Calgary’s top home builders and general contractors, providing high-quality excavation and demolition services. Our rich history of more than three decades speaks volumes about our commitment to quality, passion, and accountability. As an excavating contractor in Calgary, we strive to empower our staff, fostering an environment where everyone, from laborers to management, plays a critical role in our success. We are more than a demolition company; we’re a team dedicated to our craft, committed to making a difference, one excavation project at a time.

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Prattco Excavating proudly serves the Calgary region, offering an extensive suite of specialized excavation services.
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Residential Excavation

We provide comprehensive residential excavation services including new home foundation excavation, backfill, and site grading.
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Commercial & Industrial Work

Our industrial and commercial services include parkade and grade beam excavation, multi-family townhome excavation, and site grading.
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Our demolition services cover single-family homes, commercial buildings, and asphalt and concrete breakout. Explore our expertise today!

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Prattco Excavating’s longevity and reputation in Calgary bear testimony to our reliability and top-quality service. Visit our testimonial page to see why we are one of the most trusted excavating companies in Calgary.

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Seeking a partner for your next excavation or demolition project? Contact Prattco Excavating. We offer services that cater to a wide range of needs, from residential projects to industrial undertakings.